The Billionaire’s Lie by Ashley Goss


It all began with a lie.
Matteo’s luck with women was nearly nonexistent. His last girlfriend broke up with him on the day he was set to propose, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Five years later he was comfortable with the walls he’d built up and his quiet life, but his family had other ideas. So he lied. Making up a girlfriend wasn’t the most mature decision he could have made, but it had undoubtedly been the easiest.

All her struggles would end with a lie.
Lacey only agreed to pretend to be Matteo’s girlfriend for the week-long wedding trip to pay off her impending tuition. If she could pull it off, then she’d be set, but his offer came with a stipulation. If she couldn’t pull it off, she wouldn’t get the money.
Living a lie for one week will change them forever, but when the island gets hit with a hurricane, and they are forced to spend the entire day alone together, Lacey starts to realize Matteo has a lot more to him than he leads on.

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