The Biker’s Baby by Sam Crescent

Someone is stealing from the club, and as Prez, Gunner has to find out who it is. The only person he can trust is his best friend, John Williams. His friend is important to him—as is John’s wife, Scarlett, whom Gunner’s always wanted from a distance.

John cannot have kids, can’t give his wife the baby she so desperately craves. But his best friend Gunner can. There’s only one solution, and that’s to get his friend to knock his wife up.

Seeing a chance to be with Scarlett, Gunner agrees, but only if they don’t tell her their motives.

There has always been sexual tension between her husband and Gunner. Scarlett sees it in the way they look at each other, and she sees it grow when they start sharing her. At last, she concocts a plan that will bring her men together.

But now that the truth is out, can they survive as a threesome? What will happen when Scarlett falls pregnant and discovers their plan? And the club thief is still out there, coming for Gunner and everyone he loves, including John and Scarlett.

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Cora Rice
Cora Rice · a few seconds ago

Sam Crescent hit another home run with this book.

Lady Shiraz
Lady Shiraz · a few seconds ago

one of BestFave!!! thankyou...

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