The Alpha’s Secret Mate by Ravenna Tate

The last thing Makenna expected when she followed the fanatical group from her village into the woods, with the intention of spying on them, was to find her mate. A blood moon lynx from the very village rumored to have caused untold trouble for her own people, no less. She should run again, as far away as possible, but she can’t. A mate is a mate, after all, and this man is hers. No doubt about it.

Stone Rockwell has kept his mate a secret in order to protect her and his friends from further trouble, until his world is turned upside down soon after mating with the captivating leopard. The reason she fled her village is more complicated than he first realized, and Makenna’s true ancestry is tied to an ancient legend. When Makenna’s life is threatened, Stone may have to lose his own to save hers.

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  • Original TitleThe Alpha's Secret Mate (Blood Moon Lynx Book 3)
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Table of Content

  • 3. THE ALPHA’S SECRET MATEBlood Moon Lynx, 3Ravenna TateCopyright © 2016Prologue
  • 4. Chapter One
  • 5. Chapter Two
  • 6. Chapter Three
  • 7. Chapter Four
  • 8. Chapter Five
  • 9. Chapter Six
  • 10. Chapter Seven
  • 11. Chapter Eight
  • 12. Chapter Nine
  • 13. Chapter Ten
  • 14. Chapter Eleven
  • 15. Chapter Twelve
  • 16. Chapter Thirteen
  • 17. Epilogue
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