Temptations of a Duke’s Daughter by Samantha Holt

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Solving a murder is dangerous business. So is falling in love…

Chastity, daughter of the Duke of Daventry, will not stand idly by while her sister is suspected of murder. Since no one wants to help, she’ll take matters into her own hands. The plan? Simple. She’ll disguise herself as a servant and investigate. But when her ruse leads her to the enigmatic Lord Kendall, Chastity soon realizes nothing in her life will ever be simple again…

As much as Valentine would like to ignore the scheming beauty who claims to be a servant, he simply can’t. He needs her. Bringing his footman’s killer to justice would be impossible without her, because the vivacious Chastity can do what he can’t—talk to people and gain their trust. So, he’ll accept the chaos she brings into his life. Accepting her into his heart, however, is another matter entirely…

Fortunately for Chastity and Valentine, intrigue has a way of putting lovers on the path to happily ever after. But first, they’ve got a killer to catch…

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