Taking Mine by Amy Davies

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Genevieve Romano is an independent Italian woman who runs her own business. She believes family is the most important thing in life and dreams of finding a man with whom she can share the same all-consuming, passionate love her parents have. So when she meets a hot biker one night, she does something she’s never done before. The consequences of that night take her on a new journey, and soon their paths cross once again.
Is it fate? Will she be the one to tame this biker, or will she be one of many to sample him?
Batch is the Enforcer of the Unforgiven Riders MC. He is a single father who devotes his life to both his daughter and his club. Bored of the random women in his life, he wants to give his daughter a true family.
One night, he meets a gorgeous blonde with a beautiful smile that sets a fire burning in his heart. He can’t think of anyone else.
Will she be the one who steals his heart and becomes his old lady, or will he keep her at arm’s length?

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