Surviving Carson by B.K Leigh


My name is Everett Rivers, and I’m a runner. Not the kind that crosses the finish line either. No, I run from anything and anyone. It’s what I know, what I was raised to do. Like mother like daughter, right? So what happens when Mommy Dearest up and leaves without me, leaving me with nowhere else to run to? I have all but three choices,
1. Foster Care.
2. Juvenile Detention.
3. My long and not so lost brother on the East Coast.
The choice was simple. So I packed what little things I owned and ran right into the devil himself. Carson Andrews, my newest neighbor, classmate, and tormentor all wrapped in one. But I didn’t run this time, I stood my ground, no matter how badly I wanted to flee. I can handle a lot of things, but who knew the shattering of my heart wasn’t one of them?

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