Stone Cold Protector by Julia Mills

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Blowing things up since before he could walk, Oz, Oscar Tomas to his momma and only his momma, could make bombs out of anything and everything ~ lady’s knickers, a torn shoestring, even dried-out, old cow patties. There was nothing he couldn’t make go boom, nothing he couldn’t bend to his will.

Then came London.

Intelligent, quick-witted, and strong-willed with more curves than a country back road, Oz was defenseless in the face of the fiery attraction he felt for this redheaded bombshell. Busting through his iron-clad defenses like a landmine, for the first time, the Guardsman known as ‘Stone Cold’ struggled to find his balance.

So, he opened his mouth and stuck both feet along with half his ass in as far as they would go.

Now, the tables are turned, and her father’s been abducted. The choice is clear. Swallow his pride and help the one woman in all the world created just for him. But will she forgive his arrogance? Can she ever understand his need to protect? Overlook his less than politically correct way of getting his point across? Be his partner when he turned her away without so much as a backward glance?

The Universe doesn’t make mistakes and Fate Will Not Be Denied, but then again, neither has ever dealt with a couple as unpredictable as Oz and his Bobcat.

Take cover! The fuse is lit! Prepare to have everything you ever thought you knew blown to bits!

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. One
  • 3. Two “ Look , I’m not going in there without someone at my back , ya ’ get me ? ” Oz was pacing the length of Gil’s office , throwing everything he had at the Leader of the DPA to get out of going to the FPU . Or , more to the point , having to see London again . “ You won’t let me have Abe , so I’m taking Ben . ” “ No , you’re not . ” “ Then you better get on the horn and call your baby brother back in , ‘ cause my scaly butt ain’t going into enemy territory without backup . ” “ Could you be any more dramatic ? They are not the enemy . We’re on the same side for cripes ’ sakes , ” Gil sighed . “ I swear to the Heavens when did you get to be such a big baby . ” “ When that sexy redhead grabbed him by the dick and shook the brains right outta his head , ” Abe laughed out loud as he strutted into the room . “ You were there . You saw the train wreck . Our boy shit and fell in it . ” Spinning around , ready to tell one of his oldest friends to kiss his ass , Oz stopped short and growled , “ Who the hell are you ? ” Obviously a Dragon and most definitely old and powerful , the tall blond with a Navy SEAL tat on his right forearm stepped forward and held out his hand . “ Name’s Rene , Rene Malveaux , but everybody calls me King ‘ cause I grew up in the Swamp and my daddy’s nickname was Prince . I’ll be the one watching your six . ” Grabbing the other man’s hand , Oz felt the convergence of power spark in his veins . They were gonna be tight . No doubt about it . Finally having a reason to grin , he asked , “ How long you been back ? ” “ Five years , seven months , three days . ” “ And counting , ” Oz chuckled . “ I like
  • 4. Three
  • 5. Four Everything in him , most importantly the furious , raging , fire - breathing Dragon King with whom he shared his soul was roaring for Oz to protect his Mate . His hands shook with the need to snatch her out of that chair , throw her over his shoulder , and lock her away from the violence he knew with all certainty was coming for them all . “ And after she scratches out my eyes and neuters us both , what then , Big Guy ? Dickless would not be a good look for either of us . ” But there had to be an answer … a compromise in the four - alarm shit storm brewing right in front of him . “ Compromise ? Did I really just think that ? I effin ’ hate that word . Dad always said it was a poor leader who compromised and called it winning . ” Was dear old dad , right ? Did it fucking matter ? London had gotten under his skin . Her thoughts drilled into his brain . Her heart wrapped around his own . She became part of his soul at first sight whether he wanted it or not . He could fight it . Had beat the odds before , but did he want to ? Was it worth it ? Hell , he was already falling in love with the sassy , stubborn , intelligent , sexy - as - hell Bobcat … and the woman was just as tantalizing . Her pain beat at his soul . Her fear fed his fury . Her strength humbled him as nothing before ever had . His Bobcat was a force of nature . She turned everything he thought he knew inside - out and upside - down . For the first time since he was a hormone - crazed teenager , Oz had no fucking clue what to do . No , he didn’t want a Mate . Hell no , he absolutely did not want a partner . Too many times over the years , in too many battles all over the world , in more eras , centuries , and decades than he cared to remember , partners were the ones he’d buried . It was their faces that haunted his dreams ~ both sleeping and waking .
  • 6. Five
  • 7. Six
  • 8. Seven
  • 9. Eight
  • 10. Nine
  • 11. Ten
  • 12. Eleven
  • 13. Twelve
  • 14. Thirteen
  • 15. Fourteen
  • 16. Fifteen
  • 17. Sixteen
  • 18. Epilogue
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