Stealing Her by Shaw Hart

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Steele is a thief.
His village in the kingdom of Etexa is failing and it’s all because of their ruler, King Randall, and his high tariffs. While the King lives well up in his castle on the hill, the people that he’s supposed to be in charge of are starving to death and struggling down in the dirt.
Forced to choose between watching their neighbors starve or becoming criminals, Steele and his friends start robbing the King’s royal carriages and giving the money back to the villagers. He’s resigned to being an outlaw with just his friends for family. Then SHE runs into him.
One look and Steele knows that he’s found the one for him. When she slips through his fingers, he vows to find her and steal her away to his place in the woods.

Princess NaShara of Etexa is alone.
Her father died when she was a young girl and her mother passed a couple of years ago. Stuck with her stepfather, the King, has left her cut off from the rest of the world. She’s tired of being locked away and dreams of running away and living a normal life with friends and maybe one day, a family.
When she sneaks out one night to go to the Harvest Festival, she’s just looking to be around people again, just for a few hours. Then she runs into Steele and everything changes.
Will NaShara’s connection to the King be too much for Steele to get past or will these two realize that what they have together is rare and worth fighting for?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Blurb
  • 4. Chapter 1
  • 5. Chapter 2
  • 6. Chapter 3
  • 7. Chapter 4
  • 8. Chapter 5
  • 9. Chapter 6
  • 10. Chapter 7
  • 11. Chapter 8
  • 12. Chapter 9
  • 13. Chapter 10
  • 14. Chapter 11
  • 15. About the Author
  • 16. Also By Shaw Hart
  • 17. Telltale Heart Series
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