Special Effects by LJ Vickery

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Kels Xafer, drummer for the intergalactic powerhouse metal band, Wortthest, is in huge peril. He’s blissfully unaware there’s a threat until several attempts on his life make it clear someone doesn’t want him around. With the help of the FPU he hopes to discover who wishes him dead. But will his huge attraction to the drangel assigned to his case put both their lives in danger?

Sallsy is frustrated watching all her fellow agents find true love. Where is her happily ever after? She’s waited months for the man she’s crushing on to ask her out, but it hasn’t happened. Taking things into her own hands, she enlists the aid of Gerry Wilder, dating guru extraordinaire, who warns her things don’t always turn out the way one imagines. Is it possible Ms. Wilder knows something she doesn’t?

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  • Original Title:Special Effects: Paranormal Dating Agency
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