Six-Packs and Snowshoes by Ashton Cade

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They say it happens when you stop looking.
The last thing I expected on this trip was to meet anyone, but now, Aspen is all I can think about. How his ears and neck flush when he’s embarrassed and how it highlights the dark freckles he has hiding here and there. How sexy he is, in this innocent way that makes me want to just ruin him. No matter how hard I try, I can’t turn it off. Even if he is my best friend’s brother, and I know focusing on Aspen will ruin that friendship.
Sure, I tell myself that a true friend would never stand in the way of true love, but Grant needs me right now. I’m all he has.
I have to let someone down. I just didn’t expect that person to be me.

I was already freaking out when I found out my brother, who I never even knew existed, was coming into town. Turns out my mom gave him up for adoption when she was fifteen, and it was only after she passed that I found her secret. But I got the shock of my life when Grant walked in with the sexiest man I’ve ever come across, his best friend Max—the brawniest of all Brawny Men. I want to bond with my brother, but it’s hard when my head is full of fantasies of me defiling his best friend. Or his best friend defiling me.
Before I know it, Max and I are having clandestine meetings, secret rendezvous… but if I’ve learned anything from my mom’s actions, it’s secrets that drive people apart. Still, coming clean is going to ruin everything.
We’re on a collision course, and I don’t know how to turn this thing around.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. Chapter 1
  • 5. Chapter 2
  • 6. Chapter 3
  • 7. Chapter 4
  • 8. Chapter 5
  • 9. Chapter 6
  • 10. Chapter 7
  • 11. Chapter 8
  • 12. Chapter 9
  • 13. Chapter 10
  • 14. Chapter 11
  • 15. Chapter 12
  • 16. Chapter 13
  • 17. Chapter 14
  • 18. Chapter 15
  • 19. Chapter 16
  • 20. Chapter 17
  • 21. Chapter 18
  • 22. Chapter 19
  • 23. 20. Epilogue
  • 25. Also by Ashton Cade
  • 26. About the Author
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