She’s Got the Guns by M.O. Mack

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She’s Got the Guns, the debut Thriller-Suspense from Author M.O. Mack…

What could possibly be worse than being beaten, broke, and on the run from a dangerous criminal? What if that criminal is your ex and works for the FBI?
Oh, and then there’s the tiny matter of landing a job. Not so easy for a girl on the run.

Which is why when Emily Rockford gets a gig, answering the phone for a “pest control” company, she thinks her luck is turning.
Until…she discovers the business is a cover.
For hit men. A big, dangerous, deadly group of them.
It’s just about the last place Emily wants to be, but as she’s about to find out, once you’re in, you’re in. There is no out. There is no quitting.

Will she embrace the dangerous world she’s stumbled onto? Or will she find a way to outrun them all?

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  • Original Title:She's Got the Guns (The Suite #45 Series Book 1)
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Table of Content

  • 1. About the Book
  • 2. Title Page
  • 3. Copyright Page
  • 4. Dedication
  • 5. Table of Contents
  • 6. Chapter One
  • 7. Chapter Two
  • 8. Chapter Three
  • 9. Chapter Four
  • 10. Chapter Five
  • 11. Chapter Six
  • 12. Chapter Seven
  • 13. Chapter Eight
  • 14. Chapter Nine
  • 15. Chapter Ten
  • 16. Chapter Eleven
  • 17. Chapter Twelve
  • 18. Chapter Thirteen
  • 19. Chapter Fourteen
  • 20. Chapter Fifteen
  • 21. Chapter Sixteen
  • 22. Chapter Seventeen
  • 23. Want an Alert for Book #2?
  • 24. About the Author
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