Save Me by Piper Scott


“All I want is to keep you safe… why can’t you understand that?”

Detached, by-the-books, and devoted to his job, alpha Silas Rutledge would rather save omegas than date them. As an omega rehabilitation counselor, he’s worked with some of the city’s most troubled young men and never let a single one of them into his heart. But the second snarky ex-prostitute Elijah McMillan walks into his office, Silas knows he’s in trouble. Not only is Elijah the most stubborn omega he’s ever met, he’s the most gorgeous, too.

Survival is all Elijah McMillan understands, and after years spent selling his body in order to stay alive, he has life figured out: no alpha is worth the heartache, and there are no happily ever afters. When Elijah is rescued against his will from the brothel that’s kept him fed and sheltered, Elijah is pissed—and he’s even more pissed when his care is entrusted to soft-spoken, dangerously handsome alpha Silas Rutledge, whose green eyes make Elijah long for everything he can’t have.

When Elijah is thrust into harm’s way while under Silas’ care, the two must make a choice that will shape the rest of their lives—give in to love and pay the price, or walk away and be saved.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Epilogue
  • 3. Silas
  • 4. Elijah
  • 5. More From Lovelight Press
  • 6. More From Piper Scott

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