Royal Game (A Second Chance Romance) by Mia Taylor

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A Princess and a professional baseball player, what are the odds?

She never imagined that a one-night stand could change her life so much. Growing up a princess, she wanted to experience the real world. One night after attending a baseball game, that is exactly what she did as she wandered into the garden with one of the players.

When the baby arrived 9 months later, she lost everything and had to learn how to make it on her own. Never expecting to see him again, Ellie spent the next two years focusing on raising her daughter. She had decided on her own that Mitch would never know about the baby, after all, it was just a one-night stand.

However, everything changes when Mitch comes back to town, finding Ellie and their daughter in the local park. Ellie is forced to make a decision. Will she admit to Mitch that Micah is his daughter or will she keep her secret even longer>

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  • Original Title:ROMANCE: SPORTS ROMANCE: Royal Game (A Second Chance Secret Baby Princess Romance) (Contemporary Bad Boy Baseball Romance)
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