River by Amanda Anderson

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River was alpha, nothing could touch him.
That’s what he thought until he pricked his finger and his world fell apart.
Now he must beg the man he hates most in the world for a cure before his inner beast eats him alive.
He had chosen death until she stumbled into his life.
Now he would do anything to life another day with her, but will the price be too high?
She was a woman without a name, without a family, without anything but the memories of a past filled with pain, but she was strong. She had escaped and she would rather die than go back to the monsters that had tortured her.
That’s what she thought until she faced losing the man she loved.
To save his life she will face anything, even death.
Is there a chance for them to find peace together in a world that wants nothing more than to kill them?
Will their love be enough to hold them together in the face of so much uncertainty?

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