Resurgent by Brynley Blake

Never Underestimate the Power of F*ck It
It’s the motto I live by, and it’s what made me the Navy SEAL I am today. The less you care, the better. Even when I woke up in a hospital in India with no memory of the last few months and everything pointing to me being a traitor involved with some pretty dangerous people, I knew I could handle it.

Then they kidnapped Charlotte—my little sister’s best friend, and a control freak with a fear of commitment to anything but her ten-year plan.
I can’t remember what I’ve supposedly done, or who’s trying to kill us. All I know is I have to rescue her and get us both out of this mess alive.
But I hadn’t counted on Charlotte having her own agenda. She’s haunted my dreams for months, and now she’s making my reality a living hell. Because Miss Always-in-Control is hellbent and determined to lose that control she holds on to so tightly… and she wants to lose it with me.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Dedication
  • 2. Previously in Phoenix Rising…
  • 3. Prologue
  • 4. Chapter One
  • 5. Chapter Two
  • 6. Chapter Three
  • 7. Chapter Four
  • 8. Chapter Five
  • 9. Chapter Six
  • 10. Chapter Seven
  • 11. Chapter Eight
  • 12. Chapter Nine
  • 13. Chapter Ten
  • 14. Chapter Eleven
  • 15. Chapter Twelve
  • 16. Chapter Thirteen
  • 17. Chapter Fourteen
  • 18. Chapter Fifteen
  • 19. Chapter Sixteen
  • 20. Chapter Seventeen
  • 21. Chapter Eighteen
  • 22. Acknowledgments
  • 23. About the Author
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