Reckless by Tia Lewis

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She persisted until I said yes. Now, it’s my turn to convince Sarah Gilden that she belongs with me.
I work hard to pay for my brother’s treatments, so I play equally as hard at the MMA gym, The Warrior Zone. My life is simple—uncomplicated by all the women I take to my bed—I intend to keep it that way.

Sarah Gilden shows up and turns my life upside down. She’s beautiful, sexy and demanding as hell. Ignoring her only adds fire and passion to her cause.
Teetering on feelings of helplessness as my brother’s survival continues to depend on me—she makes me an offer I can’t refuse…
Despite our differences, once I let her in my life, I’m not willing to let her go.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Epilogue
  • 2. Epilogue
  • 3. Sneak Peek: Restrained: Warrior Zone Fighters Book 4
  • 4. Mailing List
  • 5. Books by Tia Lewis
  • 6. Warrior Zone Fighters Series
  • 7. About the Book
  • 8. Reckless
  • 9. Paul
  • 10. Sarah
  • 11. Coming Soon!
  • 12. Thank You
  • 13. About Tia Lewis
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