Reborn by Addison Cain

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There is a greater threat than the virus.
Locked safely away in Shepherd’s nest, Claire is unaware of what stirs above ground. Her time is occupied fighting a war of another kind. Due to her mate’s relentless exploitation of their pair-bond, the nature of their link has grown consuming to the point that Claire has difficulty differentiating where her feelings begin and his end.
Under its influence, she’s forced to sense the man behind the monster. She can feel the truth of his terrible history. Claire can see the source of madness that drives Shepherd to do such terrible things: Svana.

His mate is desperate to open his eyes, but no matter Claire’s progress, Svana is not yet done with him.
Thólos is coming apart at the seams, and Shepherd’s men can do nothing to stop it. Real war is coming, and unless the Alpha tyrant is willing to pay the ultimate price, everything he has sacrificed will have been for nothing.

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Remy A
Remy A

I was halfway through the 3rd book when I went back to read the reviews on the 3rd book. I was becoming suspicious of how the ending would be when I saw many reviewers mentioning there was no ending to the story of Shepherd and Claire.

Halfway through the 3rd book, I went to the last chapter and the epilogue and yes, there is NO ending.

Reading the books was a difficult task. Lots of violence and questionable sex. So I did expect a reprieve for suffering through the story. It just didn't happen and I can't believe so many readers thought the ending was satisfying.

I fail to understand why any author would pen 3 books, written in so much detail, only to leave the reader wondering what happened to the hero/heroine. I am beyond angry and will NEVER read another book by this author.

Reply9 days ago
    Avery Cliffway
    Avery Cliffway

    Damnnn!, where’s the next book!

    Replya month ago