Raven by Samantha McCoy


Katharyn “Raven” Montgomery is a loner. She learned a long time ago to trust no one. With a life paved by mistakes, she tries to find a happy ending for herself, and she truly thought she had finally found that in Magnus. However, when a trip to a foreign country goes bad, she finds herself unable to handle the situation alone and even more leery of who she can count on.
Befriending a stranger could be the only thing that keeps her alive. Or, it just might be the biggest mistake of her life.
Magnus O’Connell is tired of living on two different continents. He’s finally to the point in his life that he just wants to settle down with the woman who holds his heart; however, someone from his past has a different plan. When an untold truth is revealed, Magnus’s carefully constructed world begins to fall apart and he must decide which is most important – obligation or love.
Because at this point, he can’t have both.
Lorcan O’Brien lived for one thing – his Pub. However, all that changes when a feisty raven-haired beauty shows up in his tavern needing a place to stay. He offers to help, but only because she’s his best friends’ girl. When a slip of the tongue completely blurs the line of friendship, Lorcan has no desire to turn back. Yet, one bad decision rips his new found life apart.
Is he brave enough to fix it? Or will he hide behind his shame?

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