Protect You by Nichole Rose

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This SEAL will wage war to win a future with his feisty girl.

I loved Gia Duncan the day I met her.
But I knew I had to ship out, so I said nothing.
I’m back now, and all I want is to claim my girl.
I think I have a real chance until I say something stupid.
Now she wants nothing to do with me, but that’s too bad.
An angry client is targeting her, and I’m her first line of defense.
I just left a war zone.
I’ll wage another if that’s what it takes to win her heart and her safety.
She’s mine to protect, and I’m taking no prisoners.

I thought Bryant Denver cared about me.
But I wrote him every week. He never wrote back.
Now he’s accused me of sleeping with my brother.
And saved me from a crazy client.
He says I’m his and swears he’s not going anywhere.
I’m so afraid to let him in again.
He broke my heart once.
Can I trust him to protect it this time?

This older SEAL isn’t afraid to fight dirty to claim his younger curvy girl. If office romance, over-the-top men on a mission, and feisty heroines make you happy, you’ll love Gia and Bryant. This sweet, steamy romance from Nichole Rose comes complete with a sticky-sweet and guaranteed HEA.

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Every woman deserves her Bryant. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. To have that kind of love would be amazing, soul fulfilling, and heaven. Wonderfully written, grips you from page one to the very last word.

Reply5 months ago
    Anastasia Sullivan
    Anastasia Sullivan


    Reply5 months ago
      Apricot Mondal
      Apricot Mondal

      Such a beautiful story 💖💖💖..... I like the way the author writes her stories, fucking amazing 👍👍....

      "Bryant may be a jerk, but I still care about him. I still love him and want the best for him 😍😍. 😡😡 I just happen to want to drown him in the bathtub right now too." 😂😂😂 I love her thinking....

      Reply9 months ago