Primal Surrender by Lynn Hagen

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Myles thought making a quick five grand would solve a lot of his problems. He’d thought wrong. The man who had paid him to break into Austin Girard’s apartment put a contract on his head. Worse, the vampire, Zenlo, that Myles had been running from wanted his property back. Namely Myles. Now a wolf shifter rescued Myles from Zenlo’s clutches, but at what price? Cade claimed they were mates, but Myles was done with men and trusting them, especially the ones of the nonhuman variety.

Cade had been trying to break down Myles’s walls since rescuing him from Zenlo. He could tell Myles isn’t having that. His mate fought him every step of the way until Myles was nearly snatched right off the street. Their problems only get worse, but Cade was determined to show his mate that they were a team. Unfortunately, Zenlo was just as determined to get Myles back as Cade was in keeping him safe.

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