Phantom by Klarissa King

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“This is what you’ve always wanted.” The Prince’s voice was smoother than velvet sheets gliding over tangled bodies. “You’ve dreamt about this moment since the day of her betrayal.”
“No,” I breathed. “This isn’t what I want—”
The Prince’s mouth turned into a frown. He gripped my face so hard that my lips were pushed out, and pain nipped at my jaw. “You dare lie to me?” His voice was all hushed promises of pain and fury. “I have seen your secrets, Valissa. Tasted them in your blood. I have seen what you try so pathetically to lock away, but you can’t hide your true self from me.”
Total authority dripped from his fierce gaze.
“I am your God.”
Valissa’s death toll is on the rise.
One—before she was stolen away to the cruel Prince Poison. Seven—under the Prince’s malicious watch.
The worst part? Valissa just doesn’t care anymore, not about the lives of those she doesn’t know when her own life is falling apart all around her.
Ava’s not speaking to her. Jasper pushes her in training to the point of exhaustion. And though Valissa does everything he wants, the Prince grows distant.
Valissa finds the closest thing to a friend in the mysteriously dark stranger who haunts her in the stardust palace. Damianos; a God or aniel she most definitely knows better than to trust.
In the Land of Gods, is it really ‘better the devil you know’? And what about when the devil you don’t know is just so damn intoxicating?
What’s worse than being the prisoner of a God?
Abandoning all hopes of freedom.

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Avery Cliffway


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    Avery Cliffway
    Avery Cliffway

    I wish these were longer. I read through them so fast! I’m excited for book 3 😋

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