One and Only by Kate Stone

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James Hutch likes his busy life of work, work, work. He’s got no time for dating, not when his international firm is about to land some big-name clients. That is, until she takes the office in front of his and suddenly he’s thinking about all the amazing things he’d like to do to her.
Alice Scott is a small-town midwestern girl starting her first job in Los Angeles. Everything is a bit overwhelming, including her sexy new boss who seems to keep making excuses to spend time with her.
When James’s ex makes horrible accusations about him, Alice has to reevaluate everything she thinks she knows about him and how he might feel about her.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Chapter One – Alice
  • 2. Chapter Two – James
  • 3. Chapter Three – Alice
  • 4. Chapter Four – James
  • 5. Chapter Five – Alice
  • 6. Chapter Six - James
  • 7. Chapter Seven - Alice
  • 8. Chapter Eight – James
  • 9. Chapter Nine – Alice
  • 10. Chapter Ten – James
  • 11. Chapter Eleven – Alice
  • 12. Other Books by Kate Stone
  • 13. About the Author
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