Omega Society Auction #3 by Eileen Glass

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Continue the sci-fi omega series with Episode Three!
The rest of the day could be labeled, The Day Rourke Didn’t Have Any Problems. And Rourke puts a little note into his calendar for future remembrance. Maybe he and his mother will go to dinner on this day next year. Maybe this will be a story he tells his kid one day.
And then I asked your father—your other father—for money, and we lived happily ever after.
He needs to ask Thomas how that works. When a kid says ‘dad’, how do they know which one he’s referring to?
Rourke feels a sense of relief and revelation just to have the luxury of asking these questions now. Without the problem of preventing his mother’s death, he can look around his place and experience more common thoughts.
Such as wanting to give the blank, hotel-quality room a personal touch. Picking up his clothes and thinking he’d like to take that shopping trip with Thomas after all. How he’d like to see more of the Moon, and maybe explore the Society’s class list. The compound doubles as a school, and they’ve got other courses besides art, which he’s terrible at. Rourke carries the catalog they provided from his coffee table to his end table for pre-sleep reading.
They say money can’t buy happiness, but he calls bullshit. When money buys medicine, it damn well does.

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  • 2. From the Previous Book
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  • 4. Chapter 2
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  • 9. Chapter 7
  • 10. Chapter 8
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  • 15. Backwoods Bear Preview
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