Noc City #1 by Penn Cassidy

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They call me the Angel of Noc City, but it’s all a lie. The cameras see what they want to see as my father spins half truths and dangerous propaganda.

Darklings are dangerous. Monstrous. Unholy. They’re a threat to humans everywhere, and they need to be destroyed, despite the decades of peace.

But what happens when Noc City’s poster girl discovers she’s one of the monsters they fear? I can tell you what happens.

Chaos. Fear. War.

I thought death was my only way out. Sweet, dark oblivion. But I was wrong. The way out might just be through a room of chains, blood, and cravings…of sex, pain, and betrayal. My way out of this hell might rest in the hands of the most dangerous creatures Noc City’s ever known.

This is a DARK reverse harem book. There’s a LOT of blood, sex, MM, and swears, not to mention references to suicide, abuse, and trauma. This is your fair warning, so if you say you like dark romance…please understand that this is a DARK ROMANCE.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. Disclaimer
  • 5. About Noc City
  • 6. Spotify Playlist
  • 7. Prologue
  • 8. Chapter 1
  • 9. Chapter 2
  • 10. Chapter 3
  • 11. Chapter 4
  • 12. Chapter 5
  • 13. Chapter 6
  • 14. Chapter 7
  • 15. Chapter 8
  • 16. Chapter 9
  • 17. Chapter 10
  • 18. Chapter 11
  • 19. Chapter 12
  • 20. Chapter 13
  • 21. Chapter 14
  • 22. Chapter 15
  • 23. Afterword
  • 24. Other Books by Penn Cassidy

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Robyn89 D
Robyn89 D

I’m not sure if the file is glitching on my phone, but the end of each chapter gets cut off every time.

Replya month ago
    Cassy Lemon
    Cassy Lemon

    love this book

    Reply2 months ago
      Jacky Frosty
      Jacky Frosty

      Oh. My. God!!!!!! This is so sooooo good!! Can't wait for book2.

      Reply5 months ago