Never Play with a Rakish Duke by Emily Honeyfield

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Isabella Northwood has never believed in romantic love. What she wishes for is a gentleman of staid propriety, who can take care of her and provide her with a life full of love and passion. But, when a devilish Duke puts in an offer for her hand in marriage, she is forced to reconsider her position entirely. The prospect fills Isabella with horror as the rumours of the Duke’s wicked past run wild; rumours that have been the fodder of society gossip for years…How can her father just hand her over to such a rake? When she gets to know his real self, will she be able to lay aside her doubts for a chance at love?

Jasper Blackbourne’s life turned upside down when his childhood best friend and his mother died one after the other. With his life shattered into a million pieces, he took these losses to heart and has never been the same ever since. No matter how hard his father tried, he could barely manage to keep public opinion in his favor. Jasper knows he has no choice but to give up his life as a bachelor and settle for something less than a passionate affair. But when he finds out he is about to marry a very seductive young Lady, he finds himself trapped in a painful dilemma. Could this fiery Lady be the salvation he has been looking for? Or will he be condemned to live in pain forever?

As Isabella gets to discover the most magnetic man she has ever met, she is petrified that her heart could be fooled. Even though he makes her blood run like fire whenever he touches her, it takes time to see his old ways slowly turning into love and affection. Can she ever hope to win his trust, along with his heart? Or are they doomed to a life of perpetual longing?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Never Play with a Rakish Duke
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • Free Exclusive Gift
  • 3. Never Play with a Rakish Duke
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
    • Chapter 5
    • Chapter 6
    • Chapter 7
    • Chapter 8
    • Chapter 9
    • Chapter 10
    • Chapter 11
    • Chapter 12
    • Chapter 13
    • Chapter 14
    • Chapter 15
    • Chapter 16
    • Chapter 17
    • Chapter 18
    • Chapter 19
    • Chapter 20
    • Chapter 21
    • Chapter 22
    • Chapter 23
    • Chapter 24
    • Epilogue
  • 4. A Dazzling Stranger in the Earl's Arms
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
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