Never Me by Melanie Walker

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There is no way to really start this story. My story really has no beginning and no ending. It’s like I was plucked from non-existence and dropped smack dab into the worst possible nightmare. I am not sure if I ever felt a moment of comfort or love from my parents, my sister I have, but from the ones that created me I don’t think I did. When you go your entire life not feeling the shelter of a parents love, I think even if for only a second if it was present it would be unforgettable, even to an infant.

I cannot move forward without going back. I do not want to go back. I am scared of very few things in this world, but my past is something to bring on the cold sweats and break me into a ball of rage and pain. The trapdoors I call them, the ones containing all of the fury and pain, they need to be broken open. I have fought against it for too long and now I face my own death or my own redemption. I face the fact she will never be back and I accept the moment I broke.

That’s one of the many doors I fear opening. Doors that are closed and locked and barricaded in for a reason. What I share with you, will make your skin crawl, and sadly I haven’t even scratched the surface. My name is Noah Beckett, and this is my story.

There will be moments I disgust you, I will undoubtedly break your heart. I am a master of making ugly even worse but I can bring out beauty in the worst of all things. I do not judge, I would have answered to a bullet a long time ago if I did. You may not like my choices or the things I say and the way I live, but you will respect it because I have earned it.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Chapter One Noah
  • 2. Chapter Two Noah
  • 3. Chapter three Bright Kellerman
  • 4. Chapter Four Bright
  • 5. Chapter Five Bright
  • 6. Chapter Six Week One Bright
  • 7. Chapter Seven Bright
  • 8. Chapter Eight Bright
  • 9. Chapter Nine Bright
  • 10. Chapter Ten Noah
  • 11. Chapter Eleven Noah
  • 12. Chapter Twelve Noah
  • 13. Chapter Thirteen Noah
  • 14. Chapter Fourteen Bright
  • 15. Chapter Fifteen Noah
  • 16. Chapter Sixteen Noah
  • 17. Chapter Seventeen Noah
  • 18. Chapter Eighteen Bright
  • 19. Chapter Nineteen Noah
  • 20. Chapter Twenty Noah
  • 21. Chapter Twenty-One Bright
  • 22. Chapter Twenty-Two Noah
  • 23. Chapter Twenty-Three Bright
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