My Forever Plus-One by Shannyn Schroeder

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Evelyn is a woman who has everything–a successful career as a TV producer, and her best friend—sexy firefighter Owen Hanson—who looks mighty fine as her plus-one to awards dinners and backyard picnics. But something is missing and it’s not just the sex.

Owen Hanson is living the dream—a Chicago firefighter who volunteers at a youth center on the Southside and he’s got his best friend Evelyn—who knows him better than anyone. When Evelyn starts hinting about wanting something more, Owen panics.

Sex changes everything but taking their relationship to the next level surpasses even their wildest dreams. Until Evelyn’s ex-husband shows up and could make even the most perfect couple crash and burn…

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  • Original Title:My Forever Plus-One (Daring Divorcees)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Chapter One
  • 2. Chapter Two
  • 3. Chapter Three
  • 4. Chapter Four
  • 5. Chapter Five
  • 6. Chapter Six
  • 7. Chapter Seven
  • 8. Chapter Eight
  • 9. Chapter Nine
  • 10. Chapter Ten
  • 11. Chapter Eleven
  • 12. Chapter Twelve
  • 13. About the Author
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