My Alien Doctor by Juniper Kerry

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The Doc has always been hard to deal with. We’re constantly fighting about one thing or another. He hates how I clean out the hallways of the med station. He hates the way I “hide” all the junk he doesn’t need or use. He hates the way I walk through the halls. He hates the way I fight back with him. We’re a terrible match; we’d never work as a couple, and we both know it. So what the h is he doing kissing me? And why do I like it so much?

The Doc:
I’ve wanted her since the first time I saw her. The truth is, she drives me wild. Those hips that tempt me as she storms away from me. Those lips. The way she makes this place her own. I catch her scent when I’m walking down the empty halls of my med station, and it intoxicates me. Now that I have tasted her, I can’t stop thinking about how it might feel to take things further; to claim her as my own. She seems to think it’s a bad idea… I’ll have to find a way to prove her wrong.

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