Mr. June by Nicole S. Goodin

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Jared Mackenzie.
Known as Mack.
Best security in the business.
… And struggling to control a woman.
Kinsley Barlett.
Sometimes goes by Cristal.
Crazy rich girl.
… And drawn to the enemy.
There’s only one black mark on Mack’s otherwise perfect record, and she’s sexy as sin and unpredictable as hell.
Mack can’t deny that he wants Kinsley, but he’s nothing if not committed to his work.
Kinsley has unfinished business with Mack’s boss, but she didn’t anticipate the wall of handsome muscle standing in her way.
Mack needs to do his job.
Kinsley refuses to share her secrets.
They both realise this is more than just a game of cat and mouse, but will either one be willing to back down first?

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