Mother Trucker by Aria Cole

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Rocco O’Riley lives the life of a hermit. Alone on a secluded island, he outfits custom big rigs and shares his work with the world streaming to millions online. He never thought the new visibility would bring him fame and wealth, but with no one to share it with, the days in his workshop are long and empty, his success hollow until one night when a violent storm leaves a woman washed up and helpless, stranded alone with him on his little island.
When Primrose Weatherford found herself abandoned on the side of a flooded road, she never thought a rugged stranger would be her saving grace and the sexiest thorn in her side at the same time. The owner of O’Riley’s Big Rig Rehab is burly, brooding, and not used to making polite conversation with pretty women. Especially ones that make him want to hand over his heart and love her for the rest of his forever.

But can Prim handle all that Rocco’s offering, or will this reclusive beast in a trucker hat run her off once and for all?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Contents
  • 2. title
  • 3. rights
  • 4. description
  • 5. one
  • 6. two
  • 7. three
  • 8. four
  • 9. five
  • 10. six
  • 11. seven
  • 12. eight
  • 13. nine
  • 14. ten
  • 15. epilogue
  • 16. second epilogue
  • 17. one
  • 18. about Aria
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