Monsters & Angels by Louise Hall

Kian Warner has always been a Neanderthal who’s fiercely protective of the woman he calls his “angel” but he’s also keeping a terrible secret from her and the rest of the world. In the final instalment of the Cate & Kian series, find out why he was drawn so strongly to Cate all those years ago despite the fact that she was a sweet, eighteen year old book-nerd and he was a playboy professional footballer. They’ve faced numerous challenges over the years but this could be their toughest yet.
“I want you to have this,” Kian handed her the envelope.
“What is it?” Cate asked, her bottom lip trembling.
Kian steeled himself, “they’re…” He could barely get the words out but that wasn’t a surprise. The same thing had happened earlier when he’d discussed it with his lawyer, Bram.
He closed his eyes, “they’re divorce papers, angel.”
Cate gasped. She threw the envelope on the floor. “You’re leaving me?”
Can Kian finally vanquish the monsters that have been plaguing him for most of his adult life? Will Cate be strong enough to fight for him and their marriage?

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Table of Content

  • 1. 30 Years Ago
  • 2. Thursday February 14th
  • 3. Wednesday February 13th
  • 4. Christmas Eve – 16 Years Ago
  • 5. Thursday February 14th
  • 6. Friday February 15th
  • 7. Sunday February 10th
  • 8. Friday February 15th
  • 9. Monday February 18th
  • 10. Eamon’s Funeral – 17 Years Ago
  • 11. Monday February 18th
  • 12. Tuesday February 19th
  • 13. Wednesday February 20th
  • 14. Thursday February 21st
  • 15. Lola’s Homecoming - 14 Years Ago
  • 16. Saturday February 23rd
  • 17. Sunday February 24th
  • 18. Monday February 25th
  • 19. Tuesday February 26th
  • 20. Wednesday February 27th
  • 21. Wednesday March 13th
  • 22. Thursday March 14th
  • 23. Christmas Eve – 16 Years Ago
  • 24. Thursday March 14th
  • 25. Friday March 15th
  • 26. Saturday March 16th
  • 27. Sunday March 17th
  • 28. Monday March 18th

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