Mikial by K.J. Dahlen

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Mikial… The Bratva made him who he was.
He would die to protect any one of them.
The moment he saw her, he couldn’t ignore her.
He couldn’t help himself and he couldn’t stay away from her.
She belonged to him the moment he touched her.
Stepping in to protect what is his.
He would through hell to get her back.
God help any man who tried taking her away from him.

Pepper… In her nightmares, she can’t remember the face who crashed her world
She thought he wanted to use her, hurt her, and cast her away.
But he found it. He touched her soul, and he saved her.
She finds in his arms the safety she’s been missing
He makes her want the rest of the world to just go away
Now that she’s found him she’ll never let him go
To lose him now would be ripping her soul away.
Previously titled In Cold Blood.

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