Midnight’s Magic by Jane Erickson

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Perhaps her stepmother has good reasons for forbidding her from attending the ball…
Possibly her godmother’s intentions aren’t entirely altruistic…
And maybe the most eligible bachelor in New Orleans isn’t who she’s meant to kiss…

Emmeline Martineau has lost her family, her friends, and her once promising future. But one night — one ball — can provide everything she’s ever wanted. If only fate doesn’t intervene…

Anthony Cazelar has a ship to captain, people to help, and a life to enjoy while he still can. He has no time for romance much less love. And one chance encounter may disrupt all his plans…

Emmeline realizes the life she envisioned is not the one that she wants but it may be too late. A newfound enemy is intent on destroying her reputation…and Anthony’s liberty. If they hope to escape with their lives and build a future together, they’ll need more than a little of midnight’s magic.

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