Matthew by Clara Cruise

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A widow and a mother looking for a new life…and hoping to keep her secret hidden.
A handsome hospital owner who melts her insides.
An encounter at the graveyard that could mark a new beginning…or lead to a new heartbreak.

With the help of her always supportive parents, Novah makes her way through the medical school. However, she’s a widow and a mother, and there’s no way her town is going to treat her as they did before her husband passed away. Disappointed but determined, Novah gets a job at the Adonis Memorial Hospital and tries to start a new life…and then she meets someone at a graveyard, of all places.
A billionaire and a hospital owner, Matthew is standing in the graveyard, lost in thoughts and memories, when he sees a nine-year-old girl coming in from the big park nearby. The girl – Paisley – is soon followed by her mother and his new employee, Novah. He can’t help but notice how attractive this curvy woman is…but soon, things become too serious for him.
Heartbroken after the man who made her insides melt told her he didn’t want a long-term relationship, Novah does her best to avoid him. However, you can’t avoid your own boss all the time, and to make things worse, she’s got a secret that must remain hidden.
At all costs.
Because if Matthew finds out about her secret…will she have to start a new life yet again? And fear another heartbreak?
Or is there a chance for happiness, after all?

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