Manu by Eva Foxx

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Chiseled, Samoan athlete Manu thrives off rugby. He can’t get enough of the fierce competition or the ruthless game.

But when the National Cup drags Manu unwillingly back to his hometown, he finds himself unexpectedly face to face with the stunning, sexy woman who used to be the sweet, shy girl next door.
Manu falls head over heels, only to find that his new love comes with a few strings attached – namely a four-year-old little girl.
For a man who’s only cared about rugby, suddenly he sees that there’s much more out there for him.

Liv’s whole world revolves around her little girl. Being the best mum she can be has always been the coy florist’s strongest desire in life… aside from the deep longing she’d always felt for the rugby player from her past.
Now that Manu’s returned, she can’t keep her hands to herself.
Can rough and tumble Manu become the father figure Liv and her little girl need him to be, and can their love span the miles between Auckland and New Plymouth… or was their relationship doomed before that very first scorching kiss?

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  • Original Title:Manu: A Second Chance, Single Mom Romance (A NZ Rugby Romance Book 3)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. Chapter 1 | Manu
  • 4. Chapter 2 | Liv
  • 5. Chapter 3 | Manu
  • 6. Chapter 4 | Liv
  • 7. Chapter 5 | Manu
  • 8. Chapter 6 | Liv
  • 9. Chapter 7 | Manu
  • 10. Chapter 8 | Liv
  • 11. Chapter 9 | Manu
  • 12. Chapter 10 | Liv
  • 13. Epilogue | Manu
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