Making Merry by Alexa Land

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What do the husband of a stressed out metal sculptor, a graffiti artist, an aging pop star, a young ranch hand, and an aspiring writer have in common?

They each have a story to tell in Making Merry.

Not everything goes according to plan in the quest for that mythical “Perfect Christmas”, but there are a lot of laughs, heartwarming romance, and some big surprises along the way. With the help of family and friends, somehow everything will work itself out – but maybe not in the way anyone was expecting.

These five interconnected holiday stories feature favorite characters from Alexa Land’s Firsts and Forever Series and its new spin-off, The Castaways Series. It’s approximately 50K in length, and while it can be read as a stand-alone, it’ll mean the most to readers familiar with the series.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Book One : Dare
  • 2. Book Two : Christian
  • 3. Book Three : Zan
  • 4. Book Four : Cassidy
  • 5. Book Five : Gianni
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