Mafia Bosses by Chloe Fischer

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Three women are about to meet their matches in Matteo, Ariano, and Marco.

Being a mafia boss isn’t easy, especially when you’re being challenged at every turn by three headstrong…but gorgeous, maddening…but oh-so-fricking sexy, smart…but damn stubborn women.

This is a high heat, high danger trilogy where your worst enemy can become your best dream, and hate can become scorching hot passion.

There are all kinds of enemies, but the kind that end up bringing you ‘O’ after ‘O’ are the best kind…

Taking My Mafia Princess
Breaking the Law
Taken by the Mafia Boss

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  • Original Title:MAFIA BOSSES - The Box Set: An Enemies to Lovers Trilogy
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  • Publisher:Chloe Fischer
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Table of Content

  • 1. Taking My Mafia Princess
  • 2. Breaking the Law
  • 3. Taken by the Mafia Boss
  • 4. Epilogue
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