Love Beyond Words by David Horne

With the sound of snapping fingers roaring in his ears and the glare of lights shining down on the stage, everything changed.It took a lot of courage to share fresh work when it was still dripping wet and raw. Even the most confident of men would have to reach within themselves to obtain it. If he could find it, however, he would have exposed the key to one of life’s greatest treasures.Tate was not a quiet man. He was outspoken, confident and sure of himself. When he wanted something, he reached out and took it. He hadn’t come across anything that he could not have. He was yet to discover that just because you wanted something, that didn’t mean that you could reach out and take it.Lee was a cacophony all his own. He was a firework waiting to explode; fuses lit with interpretive dance and musical numbers. His desire to shower everyone with a thousand bright sparks and intricate patterns was unmatched. He wasn’t about to let anything stand in his way.No one knew what would happen when their two forces met with one another – but they were about to find out.

Please Note: This book contains adult language & steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Chapter One
  • 2. Chapter Two
  • 3. Chapter Three
  • 4. Chapter Four
  • 5. Chapter Five
  • 6. Chapter Six
  • 7. Chapter Seven
  • 8. Chapter Eight
  • 9. Chapter Nine
  • 10. Chapter Ten
  • 11. Chapter Eleven
  • 12. Chapter Twelve

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