Lords of Scandal by Tammy Andresen

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Let the debauchery begin…

When six beautiful debutantes accidentally stumble into the seedy gaming hell known only as the Den of Sins, Lady Emily Chase is certain no good can come from this. Even more distressing, the men who run the establishment are lords of good standing in disguise. And now her sisters and cousins have learned their secret. But worst of all…their leader is none other than her fiancée, the Earl of Effington.

All hell is about to break loose.

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Kiley O
Kiley O

Lords of Scandal was a short, 4 chapter introduction to the Lords of Scandal series. The original 6 books of the series were about six beautiful women, all sisters and cousins, who found themselves inside a gaming hell called the Den of Sins where they learned the owners were well-known lords in disguise...and one of them just happened to be the fiance of one of the six ladies. All hell was about to break loose... Jack, The Earl of Effington, and Lady Emily Winchester were mere weeks away from being married. Jack had decided to give up his place as one of the owners of the gaming hell. One of his last nights working in the Den of Sins, some of the others had planned to have several "ladies of the night" join them after the business closed. Jack, upon realizing he had, once again, broken a promise to Emily about attending an event with her, was on his way out when the women showed up...except it wasn't the women they had paid for. It was Jack's fiancee, her sisters, and cousins. Jack knew he was in trouble. Emily, upon realizing Jack had once again let her down, was devastated. When she was approached by someone unknown to her, and that person explained to her some of Jack's secrets, it nearly broke Emily. That was when she and her family determined to confront Jack at his place of business. Once they had arrived at the gaming hell and everyone's identity was revealed, the men carefully escorted the women back to their carriage for their return trip home. After the girls were gone, with Jack traveling with Emily in hopes of salvaging their wedding, the remaining five men sat around talking about how they could protect themselves from all the possible fall-out should the ladies decide to expose them to society. One of them spoke up and said marriage would be the best possible answer to protect not only the men but also the women. Thus began the series Lords of Scandal. Happy reading...

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