London Stranger by Joyce Alec

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Lady Juliet wants answers. Lord Strickland does not want her involved. Can they learn to work together and maybe even fall in love along the way?

Lady Juliet has been hoping for a successful London Season but before she even arrives, a dreadful scene greets her. Finding a mysterious letter, Juliet does all she can to remove the memory from her mind but finds it difficult to return to society. Things are made all the worse when she overhears someone planning something disastrous for Lord Strickland – something that Juliet cannot keep to herself.

Duncan, the Earl of Strickland, finds the beau monde to be more than a little frustrating. Wealthy and titled, he is tired of young ladies approaching him who care only about his great fortune. However, when Lady Juliet tells him of what she has overheard, it throws them both into a great mystery and surrounds them with danger.

As the questions begin to increase and the mystery deepens, Duncan and Juliet find themselves all the more entwined together. With the threat growing ever closer, they must find a way to unearth the truth – and then, perhaps, examine their hearts.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. Love Light Faith
  • 5. Chapter 1
  • 6. Chapter 2
  • 7. Chapter 3
  • 8. Chapter 4
  • 9. Chapter 5
  • 10. Chapter 6
  • 11. Chapter 7
  • 12. Chapter 8
  • 13. Chapter 9
  • 14. Chapter 10
  • 15. Chapter 11
  • 16. Chapter 12
  • 17. Chapter 13
  • 18. Epilogue
  • 19. More Stories You’ll Love
  • 20. Thank You!
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