Life of the Party by Kris Fletcher

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Jenna Elias was always the life of the party, coasting on her charm and beauty, hiding the shame of the scandal surrounding her absentee father, a corrupt politician. But the party ended all too soon with an injury that left her partially paralyzed and a husband who simply left her. Now, at age thirty, she’s back in Calypso Falls. She leads a simple existence working in her sister’s coffee shop, but Jenna misses the joy she once had in her life. Then Cole Dekker walks into the coffee shop.

As idealistic as he is sexy, the local lawyer is running for mayor of Calypso Falls. Drawn to Jenna’s quick wit and radiance, he asks her to volunteer for his campaign. As the two start working together, there’s no denying the powerful attraction they feel for each other. A desktop makeout session leads to much more. But when Jenna’s dad returns to Calypso Falls and wants to be a part of her life again, the association could spell political suicide for Cole—and the end of a once-in-a-lifetime chance at true love.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Cover
  • 2. Titles by Kris Fletcher
  • 3. Title Page
  • 4. Copyright
  • 5. Contents
  • 6. Chapter One
  • 7. Chapter Two
  • 8. Chapter Three
  • 9. Chapter Four
  • 10. Chapter Five
  • 11. Chapter Six
  • 12. Chapter Seven
  • 13. Chapter Eight
  • 14. Chapter Nine
  • 15. Chapter Ten
  • 16. Chapter Eleven
  • 17. Chapter Twelve
  • 18. Chapter Thirteen
  • 19. Chapter Fourteen
  • 20. Chapter Fifteen
  • 21. Chapter Sixteen
  • 22. Chapter Seventeen
  • 23. Chapter Eighteen
  • 24. Epilogue
  • 25. Excerpt from the next Calypso Falls Romance
  • 26. About the Author
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