Lessons from the Professor by Shyla Colt

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Human Behavior Professor, Sidney Rothman is no stranger to heartache at the hands of a younger woman. So when he meets the charming mocha-skinned beauty, he’s wary. Her sweet nature and the natural tendency for submissive behavior overrule his fear, and Sidney decides to train her as a sub. Sutton takes to the lifestyle like a duck to water, but the one thing he didn’t bargain for was her ability to thaw the ice around his heart.
Sutton thrives on pressure. Handed a heavy load of responsibility from the time she was young, she’s fallen into the habit of pushing her feelings aside to get things done. After spending the past ten years focused on her career and family, she begins to notice how empty her condo feels and longs for something more. From the moment she meets Sidney, she’s instantly attracted to his intelligence and regal demeanor. When he introduces her to the BDSM lifestyle, her unexpected response surprises her.
Good girls did not beg to be spanked. Or did they? Can she open up to Sidney and learn to live for herself before it’s too late?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Copyright Page
  • 2. Lessons From the Professor
  • 3. Chapter One
  • 4. Chapter Five
  • 5. Chapter Six
  • 6. Chapter Seven
  • 7. Chapter Eight
  • 8. Chapter Nine
  • 9. Chapter Ten
  • 10. Chapter Eleven
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