Lady Controversial by Wendy Soliman

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When the Viscount Crawley loses his estate on the turn of a card, he puts a bullet through head. His daughters remove themselves to a derelict cottage on the outskirts of Lord Finchdean’s estate where Isolda jealously guards their dwindling funds, determined to honour her father’s wish. Jane, the beauty of the family, must have a season and the opportunity to make a good marriage.

Ellery Haigh, the Earl of Finchdean, encounters Isolda when she overturns her gig and finishes up in a ditch. They both have their suspicions regarding Lord Brooke, who won Crawley Place from Isolda’s father in that infamous game of cards. Isolda’s suspicions increase when Brooke offers the sisters shelter and seems determined to get his hands on Isolda’s tumbledown cottage.

Ellery has a long-standing feud with Brooke and is disconcerted to discover that his nemesis has acquired a large swathe of land bordering his estate. He works with Isolda to try and discover why but becomes distracted by his growing attraction to Isolda herself. Isolda, despite being a lady in her own right, tries to ignore her awareness of the handsome earl. Not only does she keep the wolf from the door by the most unconventional of means that would see her ostricised by society but she has also sworn off marriage.

When matters come to a head in the most unexpected manner and long-buried secrets are revealed, will Isolda be able to shake off her patchwork past and feel worthy of the man she has come to adore?
Will Ellery be able to keep his headstrong siren safe from her own impetuosity…

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