Krase by Aurelia Skye


Stranded on Earth

Olivia Devlin leads a quiet life with her dog. She spends her time searching the stars for alien life until the night it crashes on Earth. She goes looking for the aliens and finds Krase, the sexy captain of a Coalition transport ship. Meeting him is exciting but finding out what his ship was transporting—some of the galaxies’ most dangerous prisoners—is terrifying. They’ve escaped, and everyone is in danger.
She helps Krase, and they’re drawn to each other. Coalition rules make their union forbidden, but they have far bigger issues to face with the ship incapacitated and long-range communications disabled due to a saboteur. Division Nine, the clandestine group for which her father used to work, is onto them as well. Agent Gray Hamilton is relentless, but he’s nothing compared to the most brutal escaped convict, Naspar, who must be recaptured before he leaves a trail of carnage in his wake.
Krase and his team are hunting the alien convicts, but will they find them in time? If he and Olivia both survive, can they find a way to be together?

Book Details

  • File Namekrase-by-aurelia-skye.epub
  • Original TitleEarth Stranded: Krase
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  • Languageen
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  • PublisherAmourisa Press
  • Date2019-06-05
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. Blurb
  • 5. Chapter 1
  • 6. Chapter 2
  • 7. Chapter 3
  • 8. Chapter 4
  • 9. Chapter 5
  • 10. Chapter 6
  • 11. Chapter 7
  • 12. Chapter 8
  • 13. Chapter 9
  • 14. Chapter 10
  • 15. Chapter 11
  • 16. Chapter 12
  • 17. Chapter 13
  • 18. About Aurelia

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