Kissed By the Gemini Twins by Ava Pearl

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Twin brothers are inseparable, doing everything together, and these two are no different. Phillip and Cutter Sullivan, otherwise known as as the “Sullivan Brothers,” have been wreaking havoc across central New Hampshire since they took their first steps.
Just when we expand our family business to include horses, trail rides, and rescues, my brother disappears to pursue kickboxing and martial arts.
I’ve always loved horses and everything they represent.
So it shouldn’t surprise me when the first day the horses arrive, the love of my life also appears.
Is it me that she loves, or Howdy the feisty chestnut sorrel?
I thought I’d enjoy a day away from work and enjoy the June sunshine. A picnic in the country watching crazy hang gliders jump off a cliff.
But then I hear the happy sounds of horses across the field, and see that hunk of a man.
And I just happen to have a bag of unopened carrots. Horses love carrots, don’t they?
It turns out that he’s the man of my future, and all my dreams.
There’s just one detail he forgot to tell me… he’s a twin!

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