Kiss The Fox by Love Journey

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The touch of a Kitsune always comes with a price.

New Orleans, Louisiana – Kota Tamashi is a Kitsune Fox Spirit that specializes in naughty naughty pleasures and women are his prey. The magic of his kiss and the rhythm of his hips are wicked good – enchanted even. Have you ever craved someone so bad you thought that you might lose your mind? Well, one kiss from a Kitsune might wreck your life for one day, one month, or even a year – the effects may vary. But without a doubt, his touch will have you looking for him in the daylight with a flashlight at a million man march. All for one more taste of his delicious touch.

But all magic comes at a price and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. His last intimate encounter was driven to pure madness, which left him injured, bleeding out on a cold wooden floor, and facing life or death in the midnight hour. Will he change his wicked ways if given the chance?

Kimberly Woods is traveling solo to New Orleans for a much needed vacation. A chance encounter leaves her determined to live it up and splurge on a little vacation hookup with a handsome stranger she met at the club. No one will ever know. What happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans – right? But when she tries to kiss him, he backs away and smiles apologetically. Confused by his reaction, she tries again and gets the same result. Finally, when his defenses are down, she sneaks a peck on his lips and unknowingly ignites a fire.
Kota resists because his life depends on it. Kimberly persists with a burning passion. Now who is the prey?

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  • Original Title:Kiss The Fox: AMBW Villain Romance (Once Upon A Villain Season 2 Book 10)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Others
  • 2. SUMMARY
  • 4. CHAPTER 1
  • 5. CHAPTER 2 A New Beginning
  • 6. CHAPTER 3 Kota
  • 7. CHAPTER 4 Kimberly
  • 8. CHAPTER 5 Kota
  • 9. CHAPTER 6 Kimberly
  • 10. CHAPTER 7 Kota
  • 11. CHAPTER 8 Kimberly
  • 12. CHAPTER 9 Kimberly
  • 13. CHAPTER 10
  • 14. CHAPTER 11
  • 15. CHAPTER 12
  • 16. CHAPTER 13
  • 17. CHAPTER 14
  • 18. CHAPTER 15
  • 19. EPILOGUE
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