Keeping What He Wants by Lexie Davis

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When Ryker Dennison became President of the Roaming Devils Motorcycle Club, it was a dream come true. Not only did he have great plans for the future of the club, he had everything he wanted, including Dr. Ella Hawkins by his side.

Ella made the decision to stay with Ryker despite everything that came between them. Their agreement, however, is that she has nothing to do with his club. As skeletons start coming out of the closet, Ryker soon learns that problems of the past are only the beginning of a new series of problems for the future of the club. Past decisions start haunting him. Not only is the club’s future in potential jeopardy, but so is his future with Ella. In a true test of his leadership, Ryker learns just how far he’s willing to go to keep what he wants.

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