Keeping Secrets by Alexa Land

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The truth can cost you everything.

Twenty-six-year-old Beck Medina is convinced of that. He’s been abandoned by so many people over the course of his life, including most of his adopted family. Now he’s created a new family for himself at the resort he manages on Catalina Island. But they don’t know the whole truth about him. As much as he hates keeping secrets from the people he loves, he knows revealing the truth is a gamble. What if they all walk away from him, like so many others have before?

Then there’s gorgeous, mysterious Lee Speros. The tall, handsome Greek is harboring secrets too, and some of his are deadly. Just as Beck and Lee take the first tentative steps toward becoming a couple, Lee’s dark past finally catches up to him. The fallout threatens to destroy not only the two of them, but everyone they hold dear. With impossible odds stacked against them, can two stubborn, fiercely independent men learn to accept help not only from each other, but from the people who care about them? And once they reveal all, will the truth set them free? Or will it cost them everything, just like Beck always feared?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Title Page
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. Credits
  • 5. Books by Alexa Land:
  • 6. Acknoledgements
  • 7. Contents
  • 8. Chapter 1
  • 9. Chapter 2
  • 10. Chapter 3
  • 11. Chapter 4
  • 12. Chapter 5
  • 13. Chapter 6
  • 14. Chapter 7
  • 15. Chapter 8
  • 16. Chapter 9
  • 17. Chapter 10
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