Inked by Khloe Summers

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Curvy, innocent record producer meets big time, millionaire marketing executive. Can love weave it’s way into their hearts?

Being named Le CRV Magazine’s Women of the Year was beyond my wildest dreams.
I’m not a fashionista, hell… that’s the furthest thing from the truth.
But Mason Gray makes me want to stand in front of the camera forever.
He’s older, successful, powerful, and the way his eyes meet mine has me aching for more.

In my experience, women only complicate things.
At least that’s what I thought before I met the smart ass, straight talking woman of the year.
Now, I can’t get my mind off her, or the crazy things she did in my car.
Maybe forever isn’t as far away as I thought.

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Oh I adored this book! The curvy girl for the win against her awful mother and sister! And Mason.... oh I want a Mason.

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