House of Vampires 7: The Queen of Unseelie by Samantha Snow

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Ending a war is complicated.

Mix in carrying a baby, escaping assassinations, and living through betrayal, and you have chaos, but not for Lorena Quinn. For a necromancer, it’s just another day.
Her life is far from normal and with five—or was it six? —lovers to call her own. She’d murdered, buried, and forgotten the need for normalcy long ago.
Now, all she wanted to do was survive.
But when survival means giving up someone she loves, things get kind of tricky.
But Lorena isn’t just a witch anymore.
Now she’s the Queen of the Unseelie, and it’s time she started acting like it.

  • File Name:house-of-vampires-7-the-queen-of-unseelie-by-samantha-snow.epub
  • Original Title:House Of Vampires 7: The Queen Of Unseelie (The Lorena Quinn Series)
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  • Language:en
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  • Publisher:Simply Shifters Press
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